Perhaps one of our more prominent points of difference is the complex specific Residents’ Binder provided to each and every one of our residents.

This binder is a hard-copy information goldmine.

Detailed processes are outlined for things such as waste management, bookings, contacts for emergencies, handy tips to assist moving in to a new home and much more. The feedback we have received on these binders alone is phenomenal, and instrumental in adding to our clients’ satisfaction.


GVG Living staff are regularly onsite at your complex. For new buildings this includes during the final construction phase. Caretaking of common property areas for all owners and letting management for investor owners, commences close to / at completion.

GVG Living’s management systems are supported by our excellent team, who have been introduced in the preceding pages.

Incorporating up-to-date technology with practical systems and procedures, ensures our associates and personnel are able to spend time getting to know clients (both owners and tenants) and provide ongoing service excellence.

Below is an overview of the typical services provided by GVG Living, on behalf of the Body Corporate and your Committee:

  • Monitoring CCTV security systems and secure access systems
  • Organising and managing contractors working at complex
  • Ensuring common area maintenance is carried out in a timely manner
  • Organising compliance inspections /testing of fire systems & equipment servicing
  • Managing fire evacuation drills
  • Keeping grounds and carparks clean and clear of litter
  • Maintaining gardens
  • Liaising with stakeholders – owners, body corporate committee members and developers on an ongoing basis
  • Monitoring cleanliness of recreation area/s, BBQs and use by residents and visitors
  • Organising with Body Corporate manager, annual termite / pest inspections
  • Ensuring waste collection areas are clean and not attracting vermin
  • Pool – organising and monitoring contractor servicing and pool use by residents and visitors
  • Carrying out visual inspections of exterior of building
  • Ongoing monitoring of and compliance with by-laws including visitor parking areas. Follow-up / address any potential breaches as soon as identified

Risk Mitigation:

Not just your standard run-of-the-mill caretaking management, GVG Living prides itself on keeping up to date with developments within the real estate industry and related legislation, and backing this up with constantly evolving technology systems and practices.

We do not believe that just managing a complex so it survives is sufficient, and over the years have built in to our processes a number of additional services that we believe are vital in ensuring a well-maintained community environment. Some examples are:

  • 24/7 emergency contact—a designated staff member is always on call for any emergencies that should arise – no matter what the time
  • Sourcing reliable, efficient and adequately insured trades to carry out work within the complex
  • Advising residents of events impacting on living arrangements in the complex
  • Optional online booking systems for BBQ/Rec areas, to ensure accountability, ease of monitoring and identifying any issues
  • Scheduling and monitoring of move in/outs of any resident using clearly defined moving procedures
  • Organising with Body Corporate manager, annual inspections eg fire door; termite / pest
  • Assisting in identifying potential / problematic areas of risk in common areas and liaising with Committee for rectification—including sourcing and providing quotes
  • Completion of Incident Reports

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