GVG Living takes an active role as the caretakers/building managers of your complex. Other than being real estate agents who handle the rentals in the building, we are your main point of contact for all building related matters.

This includes moving in and out, booking the BBQ/Rec area, handling any common property defects and scheduling routine compliance inspections etc.

When do I need to contact you?

Initially, when you are moving in to the building, it is imperative you contact us for a couple of reasons. Firstly, to make a booking to move your belongings in. We must ensure the lift curtains are in place, and a key is provided to you to lock off the lift. Further information about the move-in process can be found here.

Is it also vital that we have your contact details on file, so we can update you if there are any matters regarding the common property you should be aware of. We will also need these details in the event of an emergency, to ensure your safety and wellbeing.

You will note that your complex also has a communal BBQ/Rec area. Part of our role is to handle bookings and maintain this space. Should you wish to entertain in this space, you will need to make a booking which you can do online here.

You will likely see us around and about in the complex from time to time. Our Building Manager is diligent in constantly checking the building is clean and tidy, well maintained and always presented in its best light for all residents and visitors. We have an on-site office, however our hours vary so we do not schedule times for our office as there are often times we need to be on the road travelling if other matters arise. We have a centralised system, so even if we are not in the office we can still be contacted and are always working behind the scenes. You can always pop in to say hello, or make an appointment if you wish to discuss something with us in person!

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